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New Ways to Eat Cold Drinks in Summer of China

July 21, 2023

New Ways to Eat Cold Drinks in Summer of China

Starting from cold drinks, this blog will take you to explore the new developments in China's food and beverage market! In the high temperature, in addition to the "life-saving" air conditioners and fans, eating ice has become the first choice for many consumers to cool off. Search for "ice cubes" in Xiaohongshu, and the number of related notes exceeds 1.17 million, and the number of products exceeds 190,000. notes. As consumers' emotional and functional value demands for eating ice cubes are amplified, product innovation around "ice eating" may become a new direction for creating hot summer products.


I believe that most people choose to add ice cubes when drinking coffee in the summer, but the coffee taste may become lighter as the ice melts. McCafé has launched a new product that uses milk coffee liquid to make ice cubes. Even if the ice cubes melt, the rich and mellow taste of milk and coffee will last until the last sip, providing a fragrant and refreshing summer milk coffee experience. From being colorless and tasteless and only providing a cooling effect, ice cubes have become the main focus of new product launches. "Yongpu + Hema" freezes cold-brew coffee into round ice balls, which can be mixed with water, soda water, milk, and other liquids to make homemade iced coffee, with strong plasticity. It is reported that the "Reversed Fun Ice Cup" sold one million cups within a week of launch.


While Anmuxi dominates the market for yogurt drinks, fans have been eagerly waiting for them to make yogurt ice cream bars. The topic of "Anmuxi frozen" has been hot on social media, with over 900 notes on Xiaohongshu. This new launch of yogurt ice cream bars not only extends the yogurt product line to the ice cream category but also satisfies consumers' demand for both delicious and fun summer treats.


Ice cream is also promoting the unique history and culture of various places invisibly. Since a wave of cultural and creative ice cream was launched across the country in 2019, many domestic scenic spots have launched a series of products. Up to now, there are hundreds of cultural and creative ice creams on the market. Integrating local characteristic buildings and exclusive cultural elements into the design of the ice cream, tourists realized the perfect combination of people, objects, scenery and emotion through taking pictures, making people feel that they have visited the scenic spot only after eating ice cream. Cultural and creative products such as ice cream have become a form of expression of a city's cultural symbols, behind which is a representative public cultural embodiment of a region, and it is also a display of a city's soft power. The rich cultural connotations contained in cultural and creative products allow people to have a deep impression on them, realize cultural brand effects, and enhance the output and dissemination of culture.


The demand for cold drinks is increasing, and the emotional and functional value of eating ice is gradually being magnified. Innovative product development centered around "eating ice" may become a new direction for creating summer bestsellers.


For overseas brands entering the Chinese market, it is important to pay attention to the demands and preferences of Chinese consumers, as well as the market's new trends and dynamics. In this market full of innovation and change, only by continuously innovating and satisfying consumer needs can success be achieved. We believe that by deeply understanding the Chinese market and consumer demands and combining our professional marketing services and creative thinking, our company can provide valuable insights and assistance for the development of overseas brands in the Chinese market.

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