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China Instagram - Xiaohongshu Raiders-Understanding Xiaohongshu

July 23, 2023

China Instagram - Xiaohongshu Raiders-Understanding Xiaohongshu

The success of a small red book that has seen a lot of products is hot and bloody. In fact, many people have a small red book with a special one-sided knowledge, a shortcut to fantasy, and a self-produced small red book that can be invited to the society of fantasy. This will lead to people's misunderstanding that Xiaohongshu's marketing work only focuses on a certain "point" instead of the "surface", and eventually falls into a quagmire.Today, I will take you to an in-depth interpretation of understanding Xiaohongshu.


Take a look at the positioning of Xiaohongshu, what accounts it currently has, what accounts it currently welcomes to settle in, what accounts it currently supports, what users it currently has, what attributes users have (age, gender, occupation, hobbies, etc.), what content users like to read on Xiaohongshu, etc...


The positioning of Xiaohongshu has changed from "finding good things abroad" in early 2014 to "good things from all over the world" in the mid-term to "your life guide" today. "Good Things in the World" emphasizes the push for good things, while "Your Life Guide" emphasizes social interaction, and may use more Internet celebrities to share life in the future. But the essence of both is trading, so it is not difficult to infer that Xiaohongshu may be closer to the trend of social + trading in the future. After the evolution of positioning in recent years, the content categories on Xiaohongshu are also constantly expanding. Among them, there are as many as 23 mainstream categories, including beauty and personal care, beauty makeup, home decoration, life, education, sports and fitness, education, film and television variety shows, wedding holidays, technology Internet, consulting, transportation, workplace, science popularization, health care, emotional constellations, photography, cute pets, hobbies, travel, mother and child care, food, clothing, shoes, and bags.


Xiaohongshu has been broadening the boundaries of "life" content. Basic necessities of life, food, drink, and entertainment. In recent years, we will also find that while retaining core content such as beauty makeup and clothing, Xiaohongshu has begun to focus on developing content in other fields, including food, home decoration, information, health and workplace, etc. in the above picture. Compared with the highly competitive field of beauty and personal care, these slightly new tracks have a better chance to stand out.


In terms of user attributes, the male-to-female ratio of Xiaohongshu has basically reached 8:2, and the population aged 18-34 has reached 83.31%. The proportion of users is mainly female, 70% of the users are post-90s, and about 50% of the users are mainly in first- and second-tier cities.The focus topics from high to low are makeup, skincare, clothing, food tutorials, weight loss exercises, hairstyles, photography skills, fitness, personal care, etc.


After understanding the platform characteristics and user attributes, you must do research on competing products in Xiaohongshu. First, select 20 competing product accounts, analyze their content categories, content styles, and content forms, and analyze their popular content (personal design characteristics, note topic selection, copy structure, cover title, etc.), and then gradually screen out 3 core competing products for more in-depth research, and finally design content differentiation based on your own account positioning and your own advantages. 95% of people have never done this. What does market research investigate? Under normal circumstances, market research needs to be carried out from three levels, namely environmental trends, industry competition, and customer needs.


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