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China Instagram - Xiaohongshu Raiders: Clear Goals

July 24, 2023

China Instagram - Xiaohongshu Raiders: Clear Goals

People often ask me these questions: Our company wants to make Xiaohongshu, can you give some suggestions? My friend and I partnered to open a store and want to promote it on Xiaohongshu. What do you think I should do? Can you give some advice on video shooting? I want to open a shop, is it right now? How do upload the products in the shop, is there a faster way?. . ... Every time I hear these questions, I will first ask the question "What is your purpose and goal of making Xiaohongshu?". Friends who can answer these two questions fluently do not exceed 20%.


Under normal circumstances, Xiaohongshu accounts are divided into two categories, with four original intentions, and in the end, there is only one purpose "profit".

In most cases, our ultimate goal of making Xiaohongshu is "profit". (Of course, there are many people who just share their favorite things. We will not discuss this kind of account here. After all, as long as it is a brand, we still want to increase sales.) But in terms of goal setting, it has become a problem for many companies. They don't know what kind of goal to set is appropriate. In the end, companies generally choose to choose an account of a peer to match the benchmark, or directly give it to the company that operates it on behalf of the company to try to see the effect before setting a goal. In fact, even if you are looking for agent operation, what kind of agent operation do you want to find?

When setting operational goals, be sure to consider the following factors:

Content from (graphics or video? Is it high quality or low quality? Do you need a real person to appear on the scene? Do you need a team to shoot?)

Post frequency (one per day? one per week? three per week?)

Staffing (copywriter? director? camera? editing? planning? new media operation? marketing director?)

The above factors directly affect the operation goals. Before setting the goals, we must comprehensively consider the actual situation of our own content format, release frequency, and staffing.

Identify target users



It's 2023, don't always think about the "big and comprehensive" target user strategy. Want everything, but get nothing? You must remember: you only need to serve customers who like your products, you don’t need to make everyone like you!


To determine the target users in Xiaohongshu, only two factors need to be considered.

Who are the users of the Xiaohongshu platform? Who are my target users?

User portraits are just general descriptions. When actually determining target users, more in-depth research is needed. At the same time, you can integrate with Xiaohongshu users based on your own brand’s user portraits on other platforms. Only when the target users are determined can the marketing strategy be formulated more effectively. In short, users must be subdivided, not broad categories and comprehensive.


Meet the needs of target users


When operating Xiaohongshu, many brands will make a common mistake, "they are obsessed with the content they like, and don't care much about whether users like it or not." You may feel inexplicable, but this is really not an exception. In most brands, this kind of "confidence" is common.

Please be sure to remember that "the content you make is for your target users to see". Don't be self-absorbed, don't be narcissistic, before making content, you must wake up first, give yourself 1 minute, let yourself calm down, and think about what your target users like to watch!

Under normal circumstances, after confirming the target group and analyzing it, it is necessary to enter the required stage, and this stage has a simple small formula:

Collect benchmarking accounts + analyze benchmarking accounts + formulate differentiated subdivision content + continuous output


This formula is easy to understand. The first two items belong to market research work, and the last item belongs to pure execution work. They are both drudgery and work hard. We will not discuss them here. Let's mainly talk about how to customize differentiated segmentation content.


There are basically two types of accounts on Xiaohongshu, brand accounts and personal accounts.

Among them, most of the content of the brand name will be created around the product itself or product derivative content, and then add the form of creative expression. Such as Zhong Xuegao's ice cream sticks, McDonald's paper bag pen holder, Haidilao's manicure, China Unicom's customer service costume show, etc...

The content of a personal account is actually similar to a brand account, which is basically a form of personal hobbies or expertise + creative expression.

Such as the following accounts:


Some people may think that "creative expression" is a particularly difficult job. In fact, there is nothing new under the sun, all innovations are permutations and combinations of existing things.

Unicom’s cross-dressing show: Unicom customer service + men’s and women’s cross-dressing; McDonald’s paper bag pen holder: paper bag + handwork; color matching video with Lime: color matching diagram + copywriting typesetting; Duan Jun’s piano video: piano playing + funny hair shaking.

In addition to the above examples, if you search for the content you want to read in Xiaohongshu, you will find a lot of content with creative expressions. For beginners, it is recommended to watch various types of Xiaohongshu videos. Sometimes, your inspiration may be in these unrelated videos, and then you can integrate their ideas with your products.

If you want to know more about Xiaohongshu, you can look forward to our next blog, and you are welcome to contact us directly. We are a professional marketing company. Chinatop has 11 years of experience in China, which can help you in your marketing in China!!

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