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TOUTIAO-One of China's Largest Information, News, and Entertainment Sources.

November 11, 2022

TOUTIAO-One of China's Largest Information, News, and Entertainment Sources.

What is Toutiao?

Toutiao is an information recommendation and reading platform based on users' interests. Toutiao has a PC website, a mobile Toutiao website, and Toutiao APP. Founded in 2012, Toutiao owes 700 million registered users and 240 million monthly active users.


In this 5G Internet era, audiences' reading is fragmented and efficient. Usually, they read the content they are interested in and quickly jump out the content they are not interested in. Toutiao has an intelligent recommendation algorithm that can present content for users based on their browser interests and hobbies. Therefore, the open rate and reading rate of content information are high on this platform. Based on accurate interest orientation, users can see the content they are interested in whenever they open the Toutiao APP and website. As a result, the content is favorite and easy for every user. Based on the convenient feature, Toutiao has quickly accumulated many users.



To create more high-quality original content, Toutiao launched its self-media platform, attracting many self-media authors to settle in, creating a large amount of original content for the audiences, and providing users with more new information.

Toutiao Advertisement Introduction

Toutiao ads are information flow advertisements recommended based on user interests. For example, if users are interested in sports, the platform automatically recommends sports equipment advertisements. The advertisements will be imported into the information "information flow" and marked with "Advertisement." In this way, if users are interested, they will click on the advertisement's content; this greatly increases the reading volume of the ad. In addition, promotions recommended based on the user's "interest" tag will greatly improve the accuracy of the advertisement.

Toutiao has developed multi-dimensional targeting functions for brands to improve the accuracy of advertisements. Such as location targeting of cities, business districts, etc., interest targeting based on user interests, and age, education, marriage, and relationship status based on basic user information.

Toutiao's targeting of basic information can help brands improve the accuracy of advertisements. It also allows your advertisements on Toutiao to be delivered to people interested in your content.

Toutiao launched the "oCPC" mode advertisement, which means the optimized CPC. When the ad is billed according to the CPC mode, the brands can also select "oCPC" mode to improve further clicked advertisements' conversion effect.

Frequently Q&A about Running Toutiao Ads

1. What is the difference between Toutiao ads and search engine bidding ads?

Toutiao ads and search engine ads are both precisely targeted. The difference is that Toutiao recommends content to users based on user interests, while search engine ads trigger ads based on user search terms.

2. Is Toutiao advertising a bidding advertisement?

Toutiao ads require bidding. Brands must bid if many competitors set the same targeting conditions and the ad space is limited. Brands that bid higher will obtain more display opportunities.

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