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How does Brand Marketing Work on Xiaohongshu?

October 28, 2021

How does Brand Marketing Work on Xiaohongshu?

Xiaohongshu is a promotion model of "B2K2C", that is, the connection between brands, influencers, and consumers. According to the platform's algorithm, brands can share real and high-quality content notes through the cooperation of influencers on the site and then spread and reach consumers faster.

This process can improve the communication and attention of brand products accumulated on the platform for brands. At the same time, it can also affect consumer decision-making before shopping on the platform to a certain extent.

Finally, the post-purchase consumers of the platform can share and discuss again on the site as an individual representative users through the real product experience, which will further help the influence of the brand product and the precipitation of related notes. Therefore, from the whole system's perspective, the brand has formed a two-way interactive marketing mechanism of communication and feedback in the Xiaohongshu community.

The main forms of communication on the site to reach consumers are graphics and short videos. At present, graphics and texts are still the mainstream forms of sharing.

Xiaohongshu Strategy On The Brand Marketing

1. New Brand Marketing

Based on the shared notes of many users and influencers, word-of-mouth dissemination and accumulation realize the development of a new brand from 0 to 1. That is, continuously accumulating brand reputation and seizing consumers' attention of many brands in the same category. In this way, jump out of the price war strategy of killing the chicken and taking the egg. Usually, the growth of many new brands comes from marketing a good product, and many unique and excellent products gain more users' love and share in the community. Therefore, a continuous marketing process finally strives to achieve the TOP brand in the industry. It even radiates to the ultimate goal of brand marketing outside the Xiaohongshu.

2. Product Marketing

Through a large number of user experience notes on the site, discover more product selling strategies of the brand. For example, in the eye cream category, we can find the pain points of fine lines around the eyes and eye relaxation in users.

It can also gain insight into the content focus and trends of Xiaohongshu category users, which will help brands find new entry points in the follow-up screening of bloggers and event content planning, such as eye cream category users on the site.


3. Explore The New Adventure Of The Brand

Once the brand marketing achieves a target, the continuous recommended and market feedback on the Xiaohongshu will encourage the brand to open up new fields. That is brand further develops new product categories to continue to seize users' awareness through the influence of recommending, further guiding users from passive reception of information to active search.

For example, Ubras' new track of "no size underwear." Wuling Hongguang automobile brand is known to experienced drivers, and the REDesign car modification method of "tide fashion activity" seizes the "car change" field.


4. Communication Between Brands And Users

The brand establishes communication with users through recommending content and interaction on Xiaohongshu. As a result, it shortens the gap between the brand and the consumer. It also gathers loyal users, builds trust, enhances and maintains brand strengths, and lays the foundation for the launch of new products.

For example, consumers pay attention not only to specific items but also trends of new products of their favorite brands, which are often used in the marketing strategy of brand accounts in the community.

5. Create Trend Hotspots

For example, in 2021, Xiaohongshu officially called on users to create a convenience store bartending activity: an online bartending counter was built in the FamilyMart store, and the community users were attracted to the FamilyMart store to take a try and experience it. The event's participating brands have also completed the brand's purpose of occupying users in the whole process, gradually increasing the familiarity with the brand and the platform's endorsement of the certificate of trust buff.



6. Joint Marketing Strategy

The topic of marketing common in traditional or large-scale promotional festivals, Xiaohongshu will connect many brands to join the event. For example: in the "Christmas and New Year's Day" marketing timing, joint FMCG, digital, beauty, beverage, jewelry, and other industries launched the "Surprise Double Festival Carnival Season ." and calls on users to participate in related interactive benefits through various exposure resources such as superstars and head KOLs. For example, leading potential consumers to browse relevant notes during the activity period and pay attention to brand activities can quickly increase the search rate related to brands in the community during the active period.

Improving consumers' awareness of niche brands and Seizing the opportunity to gain exposure to a limited list of brand categories is the fastest way for new products to gain exposure and drainage.



The ultimate purpose of all marketing actions on the Xiaohongshu platform is to increase the search popularity of the brand's products. For example, increasing the search volume on the site, completing the evolution from new products to Xiaohongshu's popular products, and making the product jump to the top of the search list in the Xiaohongshu within a period, etc.

On the other way affect the brand-related search rankings in the e-commerce platform category, building brand marketing from traffic to conversions.

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