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How to write good Xiaohongshu soft articles?

May 06, 2023

How to write good Xiaohongshu soft articles?

With the popularity of the internet and mobile devices, social e-commerce platforms have become increasingly popular among users. As a member of this group, Xiaohongshu (Little Red Book) has attracted numerous users quickly through its unique content operation model. This article will analyze its success, starting with Xiaohongshu's operational strategies and exploring how to write good soft articles on Xiaohongshu.

I. Xiaohongshu's Operational Strategies

Xiaohongshu is a vertical social e-commerce platform with a core positioning of a "lifestyle sharing community." Its main user groups are post-90s and post-00s, mainly young female users. Xiaohongshu's operational philosophy is "sharing is consumption," which means that users meet their shopping needs by sharing their lifestyles and experiences. Xiaohongshu's core business is to provide a one-stop shopping experience in the community. Users can discover new products, learn about product information, view other users' evaluations, and share their purchasing and usage experiences.

Xiaohongshu's success as a vertical social e-commerce platform lies in creating a platform that combines social and e-commerce attributes. By recommending user-generated content (UGC) and establishing social relationships, the forum attracts more users to join while providing more exposure opportunities and sales channels for brands. Users gain more attention and feedback by sharing their experiences and knowledge while also earning a certain commission income through shopping. This win-win model makes Xiaohongshu a platform that benefits all parties.

II. Writing Techniques for Xiaohongshu Soft Articles

As a platform where "content is king," the writing techniques for soft articles on Xiaohongshu are crucial in attracting clicks and increasing the article's readership. Below we explore how to write good smooth articles on Xiaohongshu.

1. The Importance of Titles

In Xiaohongshu, titles are the first element that attracts users to click. A good title should be fresh, unique, readable, and shareable. At the same time, the keywords in the title are also very important, and selecting the right keywords can increase the chances of the soft article being searched and indexed.

For example, if you want to write an article about lipstick, the title can be more specific than "Lipstick Recommendations." Instead, it can include the brand and colour, such as "XX Brand's Hottest Lipstick Shades," which can attract more clicks and readers.

2. The Attractiveness of the Introduction

The introduction is the beginning of the soft article, and its purpose is to attract users to enter the main text. The introduction should be attractive and emotionally resonant and can attract users' interest by asking questions, sharing stories, quoting famous sayings, and so on. At the same time, the length of the introduction should also be controlled to one paragraph and not too long to ensure users retain patience.

3. The Quality and Depth of the Content

As a platform where "content is king," the quality and depth of the content of a soft article are crucial in attracting users to read and increasing the article's conversion rate. A good soft article should provide useful information and suggestions, have depth and breadth, and be readable and easily understood.

Users' interest can be attracted by using diversified content forms, such as images, videos, GIFs, etc., while also paying attention to the quality and relevance of the photos. In addition, credibility and authority can be added to the article by citing relevant data, analysis, and research.

4. The Conversion Power of the Ending

A good soft article should have a clear ending to guide users to take corresponding actions, such as sharing, liking, commenting, purchasing, etc. The end should have conversion power and appeal, which can attract users to convert through requests or by providing discounts.

At the same time, the ending length should also be noted and controlled within a paragraph to be manageable and maintain the user's patience.

In summary, Xiaohongshu's (Little Red Book) success lies in its unique social e-commerce platform model, which attracts more users to join by recommending UGC content and establishing social relationships. Also, it provides more exposure opportunities and sales channels for brands.

To write a good soft article on Xiaohongshu (Little Red Book), attention should be paid to the attractiveness of the title, the emotional resonance of the introduction, the quality and depth of the content, and the conversion power and appeal of the ending. Through these techniques, the probability of the soft article being clicked and read can be increased, and the article's conversion rate and purchase rate can also be improved.

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