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KENZO's 2023 Autumn/Winter New Product Preview Arrives in Beijing

May 25, 2023

KENZO's 2023 Autumn/Winter New Product Preview Arrives in Beijing

KENZO held a 2023 autumn and winter new product preview event in Beijing. This series was previously unveiled at Paris Fashion Week. Art director Nigo explores the integration of British, American, and Japanese street culture in this series.

The design elements of this season are infused with the "joie de vivre" (joy of life) advocated by Kenzo Takada in the 1980s and also present Nigo's inheritance and innovation of popular culture. Classic elements such as irregular stripes, navy stripes, and rose totems from the 1980s are reshaped in a punk style, campus style, animal pattern badges, and goldfish patterns that symbolize luck in the East.

Craftsmanship such as sashiko embroidery and Fair Isle weaving has also been displayed in a new way, and denim is printed on the outer edge of the trousers. The iconic Boke Begonia motif is recreated with KENZO Target and Flower Target motifs in homage to the iconic red, blue, and white shield icon of the legendary British rock band The Who.

In terms of silhouette, the 2023 autumn and winter series integrates Eastern and Western fashion cultures. Formal wear is presented in traditional Japanese design, while the silhouette design of tooling shows the collision of Western design language and traditional Japanese martial arts clothing.

In addition, KENZO's new sports shoes also appeared in China for the first time in offline activities. KENZO DOME casual sneakers depict the spiritual world of young people with juvenile soft colors, KENZO PACE sports running shoes with high-performance wear-resistant soles embody the concept of actual wear, and the cooperation with Hunter pays tribute to the American workwear style. Regarding accessories, the Hobo bag, Rue Vivienne leather Cambridge bag, and other items also appeared on the scene.

i.t shocks Chengdu IFS with multiculturalism

i.t recently brought a multicultural gathering at Chengdu IFS, inviting hundreds of "wild youths" to join the "Chengdu Scene."

This time, i.t has created an activity site that gathers young people around youth groups and multiculturalism. "Wild youth" from all walks of life show their individuality with their outfits, while tureen coffee and handmade sugar paintings decorate the authentic Chengdu atmosphere.

i.t's first talk show Chi.t CHAT Chengdu station, kicked off at the event site. Wes Chen, the host of the documentary "Sichuan-Chongqing Trap," hip-hop musician BIGLOCO, the co-manager of All&AXIS CLUB, and Chao Ge, the manager of the street culture brand Sneaker Bathhouse, started to explore the diverse youth cultural scene by taking Chengdu nightlife as an entry point.

After nightfall, After Party reached the high point of the atmosphere with the help of electronic music, creating a "crazy" night full of stories.

Yohji Yamamoto's branch line and Ultraman launched a joint project

To celebrate the 55th anniversary of the broadcast of "Ultraman Seven," Yohji Yamamoto's branch brand Ground Y cooperated with "Ultraman Seven" to launch a new joint series.

This time, based on Ground Y's iconic deconstruction design, the two sides present the classic images in "Ultraman Seven," such as Ultraman Seven, monsters, and Yulianu players. This series has created various single products such as T-shirts, sweaters, and shirts, returning to a childhood full of unlimited imagination.

Based on the design concept of breaking through age and gender restrictions, Ground Y integrates various fashion elements and sells cross-border joint names and capsule series in limited quantities. Previously, Ground Y has cooperated with many animation IPs such as "Chain Saw Man," "Ghost in the Shell," and "Evangelion," and this cooperation with "Ultraman Seven" is not only a classic work. It is also a perfect combination of animation elements and fashion, bringing fans unique outfits.

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