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Baidu SEO

Grow your online presence and find the right markets for your brand with targeted, strategic online advertising.

Use The China Primary Search Engine To Grow Your Brand.

Baidu presents a huge opportunity for international businesses targeting Chinese consumers at the very start of their customer journey. Our team of Baidu SEO experts optimizing your site for Baidu will increase your chances of ranking high in its search results and improve your visibility on the platform.

195 million

The number of daily active users.

78.4 %

The percent of Baidu accounts search engine market share in China.

Increases the demand for your brand/website by generating searches and positive user signals.

Chinese Website

Therefore, a non-Chinese website on Baidu has very little chance of ranking well. That's why the top of your Baidu SEO list should be setting up a Chinese website.

Our specialties include:

  • Native Mandarin Content
  • Buying-intent keyword research
  • Product feed optimization

Baidu Paid Ads

With a combination of automated toolsets and manual analysis, Chinatop Marketing constantly monitors and improves your paid search and display campaigns.

Our specialties include:

  • Bid monitoring
  • Search and display retargeting
  • Advanced budget adjustments

Baidu Marketing

Baidu favors its own properties for the large majority of its search results on page one. We'll break down some of the top properties to improve your SEO.

Our specialties include:

  • Release Baidu News
  • Create Baidu Pedia
  • Catalog Baidu Images

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