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China Instagram - Xiaohongshu Raiders: Deeply Operate Users and Stimulate Fission

July 24, 2023

China Instagram - Xiaohongshu Raiders: Deeply Operate Users and Stimulate Fission

After understanding the needs of the target audience, you need to continue publishing content for a period of time and adjust the direction of the content based on actual feedback. In order to gain more user attention, we still need to do more in-depth operations, and finally, we can stimulate fission and take our account to a new level. Then the in-depth operation of Xiaohongshu Suyan also summarizes a formula here:

Understand the platform algorithm + use marketing tools + welfare activities + private domain operation + KOL/KOC placement


1. Understand the platform algorithm:

The platform algorithm of Xiaohongshu is not static. Here we only describe the current platform recommendation mechanism.

The current recommendation rules of Xiaohongshu have two core points: "content label matching" and "social relationship chain recommendation"

To put it simply, there are thousands of people with thousands of faces. If you watch the beauty makeup video, Xiaohongshu will continue to push beauty makeup content for you. In the same way, when your content is pushed to fans, the platform will give your content an internal score based on the fans' likes, collections, comments, reposts, and concerns to decide whether to continue to push it to other fans. Only after your content is included by the platform will it be recommended by the system and get more reading.

The recommendation mechanism of Xiaohongshu is similar to that of other platforms. The only difference is that before the recommendation, it has a collection link. If the content is not included, it will not reach the recommendation pool. The way to check whether the content is included is to search for the content.

After the content is included, it will enter the system recommendation pool. First, the content will be recommended to the first-level traffic pool, with about 200 exposures. If the content has good data such as click rate, like rate, collection volume, and comment volume, and meets the conditions for entering the next-level traffic pool, the system will automatically recommend the content to the next-level traffic pool, with about 2000 exposures. During the referral period, if the content is flagged, the referral volume will drop.

When operating Xiaohongshu, remember to increase the weight of your account. The higher the weight, the greater the chance of being recommended. At the same time, remember not to violate the rules easily. Once you violate the rules, the weight will be lowered, and the account will be scrapped.

2. Welfare activities


Whether it is Xiaohongshu or other platforms, activities that are beneficial and interesting to users are necessary means to increase followers and generate fission. If your account wants to acquire new users, welfare activities can greatly reduce the threshold for users to follow you. Although some users will be lost after the event ends, if your account itself is valuable, you will retain those users who like your content.

Welfare activities are also a routine means of promoting old users. There are only two things to keep in mind when doing activities:

(1) The activity must be interesting, eye-catching, and eager to participate in it.

(2) Activities must be beneficial, and no one wants to do things that are not beneficial.

If the above two points can be achieved, then the activity must be successful. If you only do a little, then the activity will not be too bad. If not at all, it is recommended not to do this activity.

3. Private domain operation

The end of new media operations is the private domain. Then the end of the private domain operation is a small formula: tools + benefits + content.

Tools refer to the community operation tools inside and outside the platform. We can operate users in the community within the platform, or in other social software outside the platform. Which one to use depends on your product and operation purpose.

Welfare refers to the need to give users some beneficial small activities periodically so that users can interact with you, draw the distance between each other, build trust, and promote user fission.

Needless to say, what content is posted in the community every day? What content keeps users paying attention? This requires in-depth research in actual operations and continuous improvement of content in order to retain users. The commonly used private domain operation strategy is the "sheepfold operation strategy".

To put it simply, this strategy is: enclosure + fencing + sheep shearing

We provide benefits to users but also set the relevant rules. The little sheep can get free grass in the community, but if they want to eat better grass, they need to exchange it for wool.


4. KOL/KOC launch


For a brand new to Xiaohongshu, it is definitely not enough to rely on its own volume. To quickly create popular products and high volume on Xiaohongshu, the launch of KOL/KOC is essential.

The launching formula of Xiaohongshu experts: good product + good operation + good strategy

A good product is the first step to launch. What is a good product? The answer to this question lies with your target customers.

Good operation refers to being able to identify the quality of talents, identify which talents are more suitable for your brand, and which talents can bring transformation. This requires operations to be familiar with Xiaohongshu.

A good strategy refers to a launch strategy. Here are three commonly used delivery strategies:

  • Pyramid strategy: The proportion of ordinary amateurs and KOCs in the campaign is high, and gradually expands to waist experts, KOLs and celebrities. Seek progress while maintaining stability, with a steady rhythm and low budget requirements. It is suitable for products with low unit price, commonly used in daily life, and high user acceptance. Compatible with most brands.

  • Funnel strategy: mostly stars and KOLs are launched, and then gradually market waist experts and KOCs, ordinary amateurs. It has high budget requirements and is suitable for brands that have a certain degree of lethality or want to quickly seize the market.

  • Hourglass strategy: There are many celebrities/KOLs and amateurs, and the stars will build momentum and spread through amateurs. It is suitable for products with a low-to-medium customer unit price and products that want to hit the market. Snacks are more common.


Perhaps the operation of Xiaohongshu seems complicated, but if you bring in marketing thinking to operate Xiaohongshu, the thinking will be clearer.In fact, whether it is operating Xiaohongshu or other platforms, the real difficulty is not the method, but the thinking of operation.If you feel that you are not competent for the operation, you can consider contacting us, with 11 years of operation experience, to help you solve problems.

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