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3 Examples Teaching You the Traceability Marketing

July 24, 2023

3 Examples Teaching You the Traceability Marketing

As a symbol, a brand is essentially built on trust. Nowadays, an increasing number of brands are adopting "traceability marketing". Traceability marketing is a way of providing consumers with product traceability information by tracing the entire process of the product, thereby enhancing consumer trust and recognition of the product, and improving the brand value and market competitiveness of the product. Its importance lies mainly in improving product quality assurance, strengthening brand awareness, increasing consumer loyalty, and enhancing market competitiveness. A simple traceability could be directly visiting the raw material production site or opening the factory for tours to showcase the product production process.

How much imagination space does traceability marketing have? How can traceability marketing bring new ideas? We have summarized three cases from innovative and mature brands, whose entry points and extensibility are very worth referring to, hoping to bring you inspiration.-Like: Traceability to Lower the Communication Barrier for Brands

Human-Like Traceability to Lower the Communication Barrier for Brands


Human-Like is a brand under the giant biological company, "the first stock of recombinant collagen", which entered the market of functional skincare products with "human-like collagen dressing" as its main selling point in 2011. During the 2022 Double Eleven Shopping Festival, the brand's core product "Collagen Stick" achieved a total sales volume of 16 million units through all channels.

For most consumers, "recombinant collagen" is still a relatively new concept. Therefore, Human-Like has gained recognition for the skincare efficacy of recombinant collagen products among the general skincare population through multiple "traceability actions".

For example, in May 2023, Giant Biological invited distributors, consumers, and industry representatives to participate in a field traceability tour, visiting the Giant Biological product display experience hall and production workshop together. They witnessed the high-level scientific research and innovation strength and high-standard quality management system of Giant Biological up close, enhancing consumers' trust in the brand.

Human-Like's approach represents the most common type of brand demand. When there are certain thresholds for your raw materials or product concepts, "seeing is believing" is the most effective means of communication.


Huaxizi: Making Traceability the Inspiration for Product Development


Since its debut on the banks of West Lake in March 2017, "Huaxizi" has taken the Eastern aesthetic route and played Chinese elements to perfection. It has always maintained its position as a top domestic beauty brand, with GMV quickly surpassing 5 billion yuan after just four years.

After the great success of their Air Cushion Powder in terms of sales, Huaxizi continued to launch SKUs responsible for "brand communication" and used traceability as a means of brand building and cultural content value shaping.


In 2020, Huaxizi collaborated with inheritors of the Miao silver jewelry forging technique, taking Miao ethnic minority's intangible cultural heritage techniques, such as Miao silver, Miao embroidery, and wax printing, as design inspiration, and launched the "Miao Impression Couture Series". The series appeared on city screens in New York, Shinjuku, and Shibuya, and was shared by overseas influencers like Mr. Gross. At the same time, Huaxizi also worked with People's Daily New Media as a non-heritage partner and collaborated with Li Jiaqi to release the documentary "Extraordinary Non-Heritage", which brought the story of the Xijiang Qianhu Miao Village in Leishan County, Guizhou Province to the world.


In 2021, Huaxizi replicated the Miao Impression approach and collaborated with "Fashion Bazaar" magazine and Li Jiaqi to jointly enter the Dai Autonomous Prefecture of Xishuangbanna, Yunnan, creating the "Dai Impression" series. They integrated Dai ethnic minority classic flower plants, such as Mimonhua, Jinchai Shihu, Seven-Leaf One-Branch Flower, and Lotus, into modern formulas and worked with Zhang Yimou, Li Jiaqi, and Du Juan to shoot the documentary "Ling Mei Dong Fang, Dai Impression", delving deep into Dai culture.


In the case of Huaxizi, their products are divided into two categories - one responsible for sales and the other for the brand. The products responsible for the brand can first have a source of inspiration before forming the product, in order to efficiently complete brand communication.

PMPM: Live Streaming Traceability Centered Around User Emotions



The functional skincare brand "PMPM" was founded at the end of 2019 by former Procter & Gamble brand directors Shining and Lianchuang Wen. The biggest label of the brand is its original global formula "X+Y+Z", which means "global natural ingredients + star scientific research ingredients + international cutting-edge technology".

Among them, the natural ingredients are searched by the brand in Piedmont Forest, Grasse Flower Valley, Brittany Coast, Madagascar, Bulgaria Flower Valley, Iceland, and other places around the world. By 2022, the two series of Piedmont Forest White Truffle and Grasse Chiba Rose have become the core series of the brand, contributing over 500 million in sales.

The core competition point of "global natural ingredients" has also become the biggest bridge between the brand and users. Every anniversary event of PMPM revolves around this point. From 2021 to 2023, the live broadcast activities will be selected in the scenery of the place of origin, leading users to experience the place of origin of the brand's core raw materials immersively.

This kind of form has a feeling of being "responsible for all changes with the same": the natural scenery flows in the fixed lens, and there is no need to explain too much. PMPM just creates a field for users, which can well cater to the public's imagination of distant places in the post-epidemic era.

Compared with the traceability of many products, it is also an ingenious way to communicate with users emotionally, making friends with users emotionally, co-creating with users in publicity, and brand assets can also be precipitated in the interaction between the two parties.


Does your product also have its own unique memory points in raw materials? Have you thought about using this as an opportunity to start marketing? If your brand also wants to carry out traceability marketing in the Chinese market, please contact our marketing company. We have a professional and experienced team that can provide you with a full range of services to help you achieve brand success in the Chinese market.

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