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How does Weibo market well?

July 25, 2023

How does Weibo market well?

Weibo is a must-have software for mobile phones. Weibo swept the world with a destructive attitude in 2009. It went from being unknown to a new disseminator overnight. Since then, the battle for world popularity has been launched on Weibo. Similarly, the new communication tools have also created countless grassroots heroes. By the end of 2022, Weibo will have 586 million monthly active users and 252 million daily active users. Microblog marketing is an online marketing method based on the microblog platform. Every fan is a potential marketing target. Enterprises use their own microblogs to disseminate corporate information and product information to netizens and establish a good corporate image and product image. By updating the content every day, you can communicate and interact with everyone, or publish topics that everyone is interested in, which can also achieve the purpose of marketing. This way is Weibo marketing. It can be seen that the scope of Weibo marketing includes certification, effective fans, topics, famous blogs, open platforms, and overall operations. With the development of Weibo, how should we operate Weibo well?


Ⅰ. Types of Weibo Marketing


1. Personal Weibo Marketing

Promote yourself by participating in hot topics on Weibo and writing soft articles on topics. Personal Weibo marketing methods and skills: Many personal Weibo marketing is to gain the attention of others through their own popularity. Celebrities, businessmen, or well-known successful people in society, often use Weibo as a medium to let their fans know themselves and like themselves better. Usually, what personal blog marketing needs to do is use real names, follow others, focus on hot spots, update frequently, launch activities, add friends, create essence, synchronize blogs, and improve information.


2 Enterprise Weibo Marketing

Enterprises are generally profit-oriented. They use Weibo to increase their popularity through Weibo. Finally, it is much more difficult for enterprises to promote their products or services on Weibo. Due to the limited popularity, consumers cannot intuitively understand the products in a short Weibo, and Weibo is updated quickly and has a large amount of information. When marketing on Weibo, enterprises should establish their own fixed consumer groups, communicate and interact with fans more, and do more publicity work for the company.


Ⅱ. The Content of Weibo Marketing

1. Content is the most important and most difficult part of Weibo marketing. Fans like valuable information. No one likes advertisements, and no one likes personal details of life, and celebrities are no exception. When an enterprise conducts promotion activities for the purpose of brand marketing, whether it can respect the habits of users and not interfere with the audience's content attributes with too much corporate information or product information is the most valuable. Weibo content should first recognize its main sharing characteristics and characteristics. The sharing characteristics of "fresh, interesting, and useful" are the key considerations for fans.

2. Selection and release of content in the Weibo marketing process

From the content published on Weibo, the content can be roughly divided into four categories: experience sharing, promotional activities, hot topics, and product information. For example, for a large platform such as, the main appeal is brand communication, so experience sharing of products or services, and content extraction combined with promotional activities are an ideal way to introduce topics. The display and promotion of Weibo marketing and timely content are more about the emotional experience and continuous interaction. Whether it is a product or a service, all of these need to be integrated into the real life of the fan group. Then we must make the Weibo content life-like and entertaining. We must subtly infect fans through edited and detailed Weibo content! In order to establish an emotional bond with fans, let fans feel that you are beneficial to them. This is the contagious power of content in Weibo marketing.


Ⅲ. microblogging marketing skills


1. The number of microblogs is not large, but when some people set up their microblogs, they did not define the topic well at the beginning. Today they think the microblogs of this website are very good, so they create a microblog user. Tomorrow, they may think that the microblogs of this kind of theme are good, and they also create one. Sword Weibo is a bit similar to operating a website. Personal webmasters always think that this account will be changed, but none of them are successful. Focus should also be paid attention to when doing Weibo, because a person's energy is limited, and messy content will only waste time and energy, so be careful and strike hard to achieve good results.


2. Personalized name

A good Weibo name is not only easy for users to remember but also can get good search traffic. Similar to personal webmasters choosing website names, good website names such as Baidu, Taobao, Sina, etc. are very concise and easy to remember. Of course, if an enterprise establishes a Weibo and plans to conduct marketing on Weibo, just like, it can use "" as the user name of Weibo.


3. Make smart use of templates

General microblog platforms will provide some templates for users, and companies may choose styles that match industry characteristics, which is more appropriate for the content of microblogs. Of course, if you have the ability to design a set of template styles with your own characteristics, it is also a good choice.


4. Use search to retrieve content related to yourself

Each microblog platform will have its own search function. Enterprises can use this function to search the topics they have published, check the ranking list of their own content, and compare it with other microblog content. You can see the number of comments on Weibo, the number of forwarding times, and the number of keywords mentioned so that you can understand the marketing effect brought by Weibo.


5. Regularly update Weibo information

Weibo platforms generally do not impose restrictions on the frequency of information release, but for marketing, the popularity and attention of Weibo come from the sustainable topics of Weibo. Enterprises must continuously create new topics to release information related to the enterprise in order to attract the attention of target customers. The newly posted information may be quickly covered by the later information. If you want to attract customers' attention for a long time, you must update Weibo regularly, so as to ensure the sustainable development of Weibo. Of course, long-term updated and novel topics may also be reposted or commented on by netizens.


6. Good at replying to fans' comments

You should actively check and reply to fans' comments on Weibo, and pay attention to fans' dynamics while being followed. Since it is an interaction, it has to move with each other, and only when there is coming can there be going. If you want to get more comments, you must treat comments with a positive attitude, and replying to comments is also a kind of respect for fans.


7. Flexible use of # and @

When publishing content on Weibo, the text between the two "#" is the content of the topic, and we can add our own opinions later. If you want to introduce an active user, you can use the "@" symbol, which means "tell someone". For example: "@苏宁易购 welcomes your participation". Click "@我的" in the Weibo menu, and you can also view topics that mention you.


Enterprise Weibo marketing is long-term, and it is by no means a one-day effort with immediate results. When there are no active fans in the early stage, no one responds to the content you post, so there is no interaction and value creation.

Therefore, how to increase real and active fans, continue to provide valuable Weibo information, reasonably and effectively interact with users, and how evaluate the marketing effect of enterprise Weibo are all things that need to be considered in the operation of enterprise Weibo. The above is some information I have compiled by myself, you can refer to it properly, and then go to the ability

Show or other platforms to practice. But everything is easier said than done. Only by actually experiencing the operation can you understand the advantages and disadvantages of it. Weibo marketing is still a relatively popular marketing method at present, whether it is personal Weibo marketing or corporate Weibo marketing, but you need to operate it yourself to truly appreciate the differences and meanings.

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