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Zhihu Marketing: Small Questions Hold Great Power

July 26, 2023

Zhihu Marketing: Small Questions Hold Great Power

As the digital era emerges, brand marketing increasingly relies on internet and social media platforms. Zhihu, China's largest Q&A community with over 200 million users, provides a broad marketing channel for brands. Zhihu marketing has gradually become an important way for enterprises to develop in recent years. This article will introduce the characteristics, strategies, and cases of Zhihu marketing to help brands better utilize the platform to enhance their brand image and sales.

Characteristics of Zhihu Marketing
Unlike other social media platforms, Zhihu places more emphasis on knowledge and content. On Zhihu, users can ask questions, answer them, write articles, express opinions, and share knowledge and experiences in various fields. Therefore, Zhihu users pay more attention to the quality of questions and the authenticity of answers. To excel in Zhihu marketing, brands need to have the following characteristics:


  • High-quality content: Brands need to publish high-quality content on Zhihu, such as professional knowledge, opinion analysis, practical experience, etc., to help users solve problems or provide useful information.

  • Strong social interaction: Zhihu is not only a platform for content exchange but also for social interaction. Brands need to interact with users on Zhihu, answer their questions, reply to their comments, and establish brand relationships.

  • Legitimacy and honesty: Zhihu users attach great importance to the credibility and legality of knowledge and information. Brands need to ensure that their marketing behavior on Zhihu is legitimate, honest, and authentic.


Based on the above characteristics, the following are strategies for Zhihu marketing.


1. Provide Valuable Content
To attract user attention and retain it, brands need to provide valuable content on Zhihu, including articles, answers, and questions. High-quality content can not only attract potential users but also enhance the brand's professionalism and capability. Brands can provide valuable content relevant to their products and industry, which can further enhance brand awareness and recognition.



2. Interact with Users
Zhihu is highly interactive, and brands need to actively interact with users to establish brand relationships. This includes exchanging private messages with users, answering their questions, replying to comments on articles, and giving likes. Through these interactions, brands can increase user fondness for the brand and establish an authoritative image.



3. Follow Hot Topics
Brands should pay attention to hot topics on Zhihu, follow what users are interested in, and engage in appropriate interactions and comments. This can not only attract user attention but also increase brand exposure. In addition, brands can also do related topic promotion based on hot topics to enhance brand awareness and recognition.



4. Combine Activity Marketing
Zhihu can also be combined with online and offline activities for marketing. For example, brands can plan Q&A activities or release coupons on Zhihu; offline, brands can combine with offline activities or launch check-in activities, etc. This not only enhances brand awareness but also provides users with more in-depth understanding and interaction, increasing user conversion rates.


There is a Zhihu marketing case for your reference:


The Moutai brand is self-contained and has attracted the attention of a large number of users. On Zhihu, Moutai has established many loyal fans through in-depth interaction with users. Moutai's marketing is not limited to the purchase of e-commerce products, but also pays attention to the learning and dissemination of "Moutai liquor" field, and strengthens the brand recognition and image of Moutai through brand social interaction.


Zhihu is a leading social media platform that provides a broad marketing channel for brands. Zhihu marketing is not only an important step to increase brand awareness and recognition, but also an effective way to increase brand conversion rate. How to do a good job in brand marketing on Zhihu? The key lies in strategies such as providing valuable content, interacting with users, focusing on hot topics, and combining event marketing. When implementing strategies, brands also need to consider Zhihu’s social and intellectual characteristics, and pay attention to the authenticity, legality and integrity of the content. Through Zhihu marketing strategies and cases, it is believed that brands can gain better brand value and market effect on Zhihu.


Zhihu allows you to communicate with potential users and get your brand recognized. Not only is it a huge social media platform, but it's also an informative Q&A community. Therefore, brands, individuals and content producers on Zhihu can share their expertise and knowledge with users, be recognized and collected, and then expand their popularity.

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