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10 Promotion and Marketing Methods of Zhihu Platform

July 26, 2023

10 Promotion and Marketing Methods of Zhihu Platform

In recent years, with the development of the Internet, more and more people choose to communicate and share online. Zhihu is currently the largest Q&A community in China, and its marketing methods have also attracted the attention of users. Zhihu has a high-quality user group, and more and more brands rely on Zhihu to use high-quality content and high-quality users of the platform to directly carry out accurate, sincere and effective promotion. How to know about brand marketing? In order to better learn the marketing skills of Zhihu brand, we must first understand the value and significance of Zhihu Q&A marketing. The role of Zhihu marketing is to increase brand exposure; enhance brand image; increase brand awareness; increase customer brand stickiness; guide new users to use; it is suitable for brand public relations coverage and waiting. In addition, question and answer marketing is also a means of SEO drainage.

How to do Zhihu brand marketing?

1. Zhihu hot list

Through Zhihu hot list, maximize brand exposure, quickly increase weight, quickly attract fans, enhance brand awareness and market influence, and realize marketing value. For example, planning a brand-new hot topic or marketing event, attracting users' attention through this topic event, so as to achieve marketing effects, so that the brand can obtain a large amount of exposure in a short period of time.


2. Advertisement of Zhihu+

Advertisement targeting users. Advertisement is one of the most effective ways of promotion. It promotes products or services to target groups in various forms, attracts potential customers to purchase, and finally achieves the purpose of sales. Zhi+, as a professional content creation, management and distribution platform, can help companies better conduct online marketing, increase popularity and exposure. Accurate drainage and IP establishment of corporate brands and users. Letting know + Ads is not limited to information flow advertisements. Zhihu’s “Zhi + Publishing” refers to putting keywords into articles, and readers click on the keywords when answering questions to achieve conversion.


3. KOL promotion

Every platform has KOLs, and so does Zhihu. The Zhihu platform has a lot of high-quality first-hand KOL resources, 1000+ vertical experts to choose from, and top million-level talents. Look for KOL cooperation on Zhihu, produce high-quality content or answers, and quickly gain exposure and trust endorsement for the brand.


4. Zhihu SEO

Zhihu article ranking optimization and answer ranking optimization are similar, but answer ranking optimization means that when users click on a question, the first thing they see is our answer, and article ranking optimization means that when users search for a keyword in Zhihu, the first thing they see is our article. Zhihu users generate 10 million+ searches per day, of which brand and product-related keywords account for 5% to 8% when users search for product words. From the perspective of search ranking, the ranking of articles is greater than that of questions, and the content of articles is controllable and has a frame for user attention. Therefore, based on product and brand information, combined with user search habits, we can seize the ranking of some keywords and obtain high-quality search traffic. Through professional SEO technology, the search ranking optimization of designated keywords can be achieved, thereby gaining a lot of exposure and greatly reducing the cost of advertising.


5. Q&A Construction

Zhihu's most common marketing and promotion method is question-and-answer construction, which is used to conduct network marketing promotion for corporate brands or products through the question-and-answer method. On the one hand, Zhihu has a relatively high weight and can occupy a prominent position in major searches; on the other hand, the Zhihu platform covers mainstream Internet groups and is a separate Internet ecosystem, which is more suitable for brand marketing and promotion. Questions can be raised by the brand side, leading to answers and discussions. Questions are edited by the brand side and can have advertising attributes. Others do not have editing rights. All answers will be reviewed by the merchant, and those that fail will not be displayed.


6. Answer ranking optimization

Through the precise topic selection system process, we screen out hot issues related to account attributes and products, and then output high-quality and high-quality content around the issues and optimize them to the first place, so as to obtain a large amount of exposure, attract traffic to follow accounts, and divert traffic to other platforms. For some already popular questions, you can produce high-quality answers, and then use the corresponding ranking optimization method to quickly put your answer to the top of the question, and users can see your answer first when entering the question.


7. Word of mouth marketing

Many times, there are some discussions about corporate branding on Zhihu, and some content views are not conducive to the brand image of the company. At this time, it is necessary to guide positive brand word-of-mouth, suppress negative information content, ensure the healthy development of brand word-of-mouth, and provide strong support for product conversion rate.


8. Topic optimization

Topics are divided into two categories: Old Topics and Refurbished Topics. The old topic has a huge number of views, and the keyword search ranking is also very high, which is easy to be seen by Internet users. Therefore, when we carry out marketing and promotion, we can use the form of soft text to answer questions, and then put the answer to the top through a series of operations. The top answer can easily attract extremely high views and bring better attention to the brand. The so-called new topic is actually creating a marketing topic on the Zhihu platform, which is the Zhihu hot list. Zhihu Hot List is a list updated every day, which includes the hottest questions and topics on Zhihu that day. The content on the hot list will be sorted according to the number of likes, readings, answers and other indicators. Zhihu hot list is a good way to acquire knowledge and understand hot topics, and it is also a list that can show the influence of users.


9. Marketing Advertisement

It can be said that the core content producers of the current Zhihu platform are all for profit (direct or indirect benefit). Therefore, it is very important to let soft texts form our habits. This is the current fact. Only soft texts can let users understand our products. When we write articles, we must pay attention to the interestingness of the articles. We can't just write products in different ways, but also consider the user's acceptance and the interestingness of the articles, and these need to be polished. We can find some amateur or low-level KOC accounts, publish soft marketing articles with brand and product information, and quickly gain a certain volume and reputation on the platform.


10. Marketing activities

Big brands can directly connect with Zhihu officials and jointly launch corresponding special events, which are relatively expensive. There are also roundtables, creating circles and Zhihu columns, etc., which are also promotional marketing methods that can be used on Zhihu. However, for a content-based platform like Zhihu, the quality of content comes first.


For these Zhihu marketing and promotion methods, different business types, different product types, combined with platform rules and product characteristics, you can choose different promotion and marketing methods according to local conditions. Contact Chinatop Marketing to get more Zhihu details!

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